Services & Rates

Off-leash Adventure Hikes: 

Full 1 hour plus hike on a dog-friendly nature trail:  $34/hike

Additional dogs in the same household:  $31

The dogs are on the trail for at least one hour, running and sniffing and playing. Including pick-up and drop-off time, they're out of the house from around 1.5 - 3 hours, getting satisfying social stimulus and activity. We rinse and towel them off at home if needed, and can feed or administer meds as well. 

Some of the many places we go: 
Round Top Loop, Quarry Trail 
Tilden Park:
Curran Trail, Wildcat Stream Trail, Meadows Canyon Trail
Redwood Park: 
Dunn Trail, Graham Trail, West Ridge Trail, East Ridge Trail, Phillips Loop 
Pt Isabel
Anthony Chabot Park: 
Goldenrod Trail, MacDonald Trail, Jackson Grade Trail, Brandon Trail
Leona Canyon
Strawberry Canyon UC Berkeley Fire Trails 

We have a minimum requirement of 2 days per week.


In addition to off-leash hikes, we offer occasional pet sitting/boarding in our home:  $69/night 

We only offer boarding for our regular dog walking clients. 

Your dog will stay with us in the comfort of our own home, snuggling with our own two dogs Sandy and Drake. They'll have access to our backyard, doggy beds and they'll go on at least one adventure hike with us during the day, often more. We can also administer any meds if they need, and follow all special feeding instructions.

(510) 402-5364

Service Areas: Oakland, Emeryville, Piedmont
94607, 94606, 94605, 94612, 94611, 94613, 94610, 94602, 94601, 94609, 94608